Do play with your food – Look-see into Molecular Gastronomy

Did your mom forbid you to play with your food like mine?  If I could have played with food, I’d probably be food scientist or maybe chef. At least chemistry and science projects would have been definitely much more fun and hence my grades higher if only molecular gastronomy tricks were taught at my school.

Tomato Mousse Spheres by Chef Soufiane

Some time ago I was browsing internet to find new soup recipes and found mushroom cappuccino made with siphon spray gun. From there I end up reading about molecular gastronomy and stumbled upon interesting recipe of making spaghetti from basil and arugula. I was sold and wanted to learn more.

When I heard about Culinary Forum at Marta’s Kitchen revealing some Molecular Gastronomy secrets, I did not need to think twice, I signed in at once. My objective was to learn easy tricks for my own home cooking, but I could see benefits for pro cooks and chefs. There’s so many new ways to prepare your food presentation with helping hand from food science.

Chef Soufiane Raji with his colleague Chef Rajesh Balan from Emirates Snack Foods LLC were our molecular gastronomy gurus.

My favorite recipes, which I will definitely revisit in my kitchen, are the meringue, mango spheres, mozzarella mousse & tomato spheres, caviar and lemon curd…oh and powdered chocolate and and…

Mango Golden Sphere Recipe
Ingredients: Mango Puree 500g, Water 400g, Simple Syrup 100g, vegetable Gelatin Powder 30g, Gold powder q.s.
Method: Freeze the mango puree in semi sphere moulds.(Silicone moulds works best) Mix water, syrup, vegetable gelatin powder and gold powder and heat to a boil. Remove from the heat and leave to cool until 85°C. Take a thin needle to pick up spheres and dip them in the gelatin mix. Leave until defrosted.

Ready spheres looks huge golden pearls, take a bite, your are surprised by that mango burst in your mouth. Fresh pure mango with very elegant presentation. I am a fan.

Mango Spheres on 30 seconds

Making of tomato mozzarella spheres and coffee caviar. I had lots of fun on just watching how to make them. Flavors, textures and tastes were just perfect. Playing with food is not boring.

New way to compose Insalata Caprese.

Mozzarella Tomato Mousse Spheres Recipe

Ingredients: Fresh Mozzarella 200g, Milk 200g, Mozarella Powder 40g, SOSA Tomato Powder 35g, Gelatin Leaves 6 units, Salt and Pepper q.s, Soft Whipped Cream 600g.
Method: Hydrate the gelatin leaves with cold water and melt with a little milk. Mix the milk with mozzarella powder, tomato powder, salt and pepper with a hand mixer. When well mixes add in fresh mozzarella and blend again. Strain the mix. Add whipped cream. Put in semi-sphere molds and leave to cool. To get wonderful red cover, dip in tomato gelatin.

Tomato Gel Recipe

Ingredients: Water 400g, vegetable Gelatin Powder 30g, red powder q.s.
Method: Mix tomato juice or water, vegetable gelatin powder and red powder and heat to a boil. Remove from the heat and leave to cool until 85°C. Take a thin needle to pick up tomato spheres and dip them in the gelatin mix. Decorate with tomato stems.

Balsamic Modena Vinegar Jelly Recipe

Ingredients: Modena Vinegar 100g, Water 150g, SOSA vegetable gelatin powder 14g
Method: Mix ingredients and heat until boiling. Remove from the heat and put in a tray 1cm thick. Sets naturally.

Wonderful for decorating and for adding taste for any food where balsamic vinegar is used. I will try this with strawberry salad.


What about serving traditionally prepared Caprese Salad with Balsamic Vinegar Jelly and Basil Air. Here’s the recipe.

Basil Air Recipe
Ingredients: Water 500ml, SOSA Soy Lecithin 4g, SOSA Basil Essential Oil 1g.
Method: Mix the ingredients and emulsify with a hand mixer until you get a foam.


Every girl needs some chocolate therapy, this chocolate is with a twist. Golden Chocolate Dust is in my to do list for next time. In these images Golden Chocolate Crumble Beans

Chocolate crumble beans made with melted chocolate and SOSA Maltodextrin, dusted with golden food color powder.
Easy and special.


Link to  ClickCuisineUAE where all ingredients can be purchased.
Link to Marta’s Kitchen

Read more about the event by epicurUAEn and Life in The Food Lane. Check out amazing photos.

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