Easy Beasy Cranberry Jam

Think of nice crispy sour red cranberries. We have them in Dubai markets from October to January. That’s when I can enjoy my favorite cranberry cake, I will make it later and share the recipe. Its the best cake ever…. hmmm after chocolade cake, carrot cake, blueberry upsidedown, blackforest…..

I have never experienced American cranberries before, they are kind of woody as texture or consistency and dry. Are they raw actually? The ones I have even picked with my own hands in Finnish woodlands were already touched by first frost and were juicy and soft inside, bit transparent looking red and smaller than these little pearls we have here from America.

After bringing third packet of cranberries on same week, the man in Spinneys fruit section finally asked how do I eat them and are they good. I think he tried and find them far too bitter for eating.

Someone has instructed him that cranberries goes well in drinks?!. No idea about that, I am baking cakes, making jam and relish. Okay I know some Finns they flip couple of frozen berries into drinks like vodka and voila, instant winter drink is done. Not for me though.

I made this jam for custard dessert which suits well for Thanksgiving and Christmas theme.

Cranberry jam

3 cups cranberries
1 cup sugar
½ cup water
½ lemon (grated peel and the meat without white peel)
½ orange (grated peel and the meat without white peel)
½ lime (grated peel and the meat without white peel)

1. Wash cranberries and throw bad ones away.
2. Wash lemon, orange and lime very well, use organic if available.
3. Grate the rind of citrus fruits, peel and deseed. Use meat and rind. (We do not want white cover part, its bitter)
4. Mix all in pan and cook together until cranberries burst and bit more about 20 min.
5. Put in very clean (boiled) class jar and let it cool.

Jam will come thicker when it cools. Keep in fridge.

Yammy jammy jam jam!!