Why We Love Super Food Salad (And You Should, Too!)

In Dubai we are surrounded with superlatives or super everything, Super Food Salad is just that, it makes super impact to health. The trendy healthy eating encourages us to make better choices and that’s not bad at all. Most super foods happen to be low in calories and are naturally gluten free, they are very easy to add into many diets. Recipe included below. I have re-created the salad and replaced broad beans with snap peas, I did not find miso paste from my supermarket, but found Japanese miso dressing and used that instead, worked perfectly. TheSuperFoodSalad_Nakedplateblog

‘What’s cooking at The Beach’ was the theme for bunch of food lovers invited for the food tour at The Beach in Dubai Marina opposite of Jumeirah Beach Residence towers just on the shore. Honestly I haven’t visited Dubai Marina neighborhood because of terrible traffic jams or lack of parking space at Marina. It was really surprise for me that there is underground parking at the basement of The Beach. Well okey, there is also a metro and a tram nowadays to avoid traffic. I will be going again just because it’s so easy to park and you have over 40 restaurants to choose on beautiful contemporary stylish beach side go-to destination. It seems I am liking many of the Meraas project in Dubai, think Boxpark and Citywalk at Jumeirah.

We started at Big Chefs for scrumptious breakfast, they bake and prepare everything in house, we had chance to bake with their chef. Next stop at DriDri gelato parlor for wonderful Italian churned ice creams and gelatos and Fratelli La Bufala, mamma mia what juicy Neapolitan pizzas, I mastered one of my own. Multo bene! The Counter, custom made burgers, where you can ask them to make your burger from hundreds of ingredients, just like you want it. Stylish Joe’s Café, elegant but relaxed café for fresh-pressed juices and formal dining. Keep reading or scroll down, watch few photos I snapped with my iPhone at The Beach.

Chef Melad Joe's Cafe The Beach

Chef Melad Kattouf of Joe’s Cafe The Beach

Oh yes, back to The Super Food Salad. I got Joe’s Café’s chef Melad Kattouf’s guidance and recipe of soba noodle salad with plenty of green super foods. Chef Melad has worked his way up from managing the kitchens of Michelin star restaurants to developing and planning food concepts. “There is nothing better than having a home cocked healthy meal, that looks great and taste excellent” is one of Melad’s beliefs… and mine too.

Superfoods are multi-taskers, here’s reasons why we love Super Food Salad:

  • Beans are a good plant-based source of iron (up to 13 mg per 3/4 cup), a mineral that transports oxygen from lungs to the cells in your body
  • Sprouted foods are high in B vitamins, high in minerals like potassium, iron and calcium and the protein
  • Broccoli has a high source of vitamins A, C, K and B-6 and folate. To preserve as many nutrients as possible and avoid turning it too bitter steam broccoli for three to five minutes. Broccoli can enhance detoxification and is believed to reduce inflammation
  • Pumpkin seeds, are one of the best sources of plant-based omega-3s
  • Fermented foods are good for digestion. Enzyme rich miso is the elegant Japanese term for fermented soybean paste. It’s rich of antioxidants that protect against free radicals


Joe’s Café’s Super Food Salad recipe

French beans
Soba noodles cooked al dente
Broad beans
Bean sprouts
Pumpkin seeds slightly roasted
Mixed green leaves

Miso dressing:
1-2 table spoons miso paste or ready miso salad dressing
Lemon juice
Extra Virgin Olive oil

1. Steam the broccoli and French beans 3-5 minutes and cool in ice cold water to stop cooking and keep color nice and green.
2. Roast the pumpkin seeds on dry hot pan, watch out they burn easily.
3. Clean the broad beans and remove the skin.
4. Boil the soba noodles according package instructions or until it become al dente.

Put the soba noodles on mountain formation on the plate first. Mix all the ingredients with the miso dressing and put it on the top of the soba noodles. Garnish with roasted pumpkin seeds.

Joe's Cafe's Super Food Salad

The Super Food Salad – Joe’s Cafe, The Beach, Dubai Marina JBR

Super good super food salad is ready for serving!

Keep on scrolling here are my snap shots….

The Beach at Dubai MarinaThe Beach at Dubai Marina JBRBig Chefs Breakfast The Beach MarinaBig Chefs breakfast The Beach DubaiBloggers at Big Chefs at The Beach DubaiBaking Focaccia bread at Big Chefs at The BeachDri Dri GelatoDri Dri Gelato Dubai MarinaRaspberry Gelato from DriDri  Dubai Marina
Namrata and Chef Melad of Joe's Cafe DubaiFood shooters in action at Joe's Cafe Dubai MarinaFratelli La Bufala DubaiWelcome drinks at Fratelli La BufalaPrepatring dough at Fratelli La Bufala Dubai
Woodfire oven at Fratelli La BufalaThe Pizza - Neapolitan real tomato mozarella pizza at Fratelli La BufalaAndrea from Fratelli La Bufala team
EVOO pizza baking at Fratelli La Bufala - Naked Plate BlogNamrata of SheSaiSheSaid, Carla of Memoir of a Taste Bud, Minna of Naked PlateComposing of burger at The Counter100's ingredients for burgers at The Counter, The Beach Dubai MarinaJuicy Burger at The Counter, The Beach Dubai MarinaMango lassi at The House of Curry Dubai MarinaIndian Spices The House of Curry The Beach Dubai MarinaIndian menu - Curry  at The House of CurryIndian Curries and naan at The House of CurryTuc-tuc ride at The Beach Dubai Marina

Thank you you reached the end …….big smiley emoticon here !!!

Namrata with Chef Melad in some images, Check out Namrata’s and Nancy’s beautiful blog ‘SheSaidSheSaid
Carla with me and Namrata in foodie selfie, check her amazing blog ‘Memoirs of a Taste Bud

@Minnahe Instagram

Sprüngli Truffle Cake – wonky chocolate cake

Seductive specialties, light and airy temptations, delicately smooth chocolate indulgences, confectioner’s craft with tradition. Sprüngli is loaded with superlatives. I got their classic truffle cake recipe and boy it did not dissappoint.  I want to think  my homemade truffle cake belongs to that 1st class.NakedPlate-TruffleCake

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The Farmers’ Market at Dubai

UAE farmers want you to find their produce. The Farmers’ Market at Dubai on The Terrace is wonderful place to start Friday. Buy cup of coffee from one of the market stalls and fresh bakes from stall of Baker & Spice Dubai. Arrange an instant picnic for yourself and enjoy.
Another secret of Dubaian foodlovers is revealed. It’s the only farmers’ market in Dubai where farmers are every Friday selling their locally grown organic vegetables directly to us. Prices are less than in many other markets in Dubai and atmosphere is down to earth. Excellent value for your money and health.
The Farmers’ Market is located on gardens of Emirates Towers. Scroll down for map at the end of the post. Hey don’t go…

Take tour with me at my blog. Pictures are speaking more than thousand words.

Farmers' Market Dubai

Farmers’ Market Dubai

Seasons local organic veggies

Seasons local organic veggies

Farmers' Market Dubai Emirates Towers

Single origin coffee Boon Coffee from Ethiopia

Single origin coffee Boon Coffee from Ethiopia

Farmers' Market 6th Season

Organic Oasis Farm

Organic Oasis Farm

Farmers' Market sales

Astraea olives and oils, organic dates and handmade soaps

Astraea olives and oils, organic dates and handmade soaps

Yael Mejia, food consultant to Baker & Spice Dubai and the Farmers’ Market champion, says: “When I came to Dubai to set up Baker & Spice as 2008 was drawing to a close, one of my first tasks was sourcing local and regional fresh produce.
Yael Mejia pioneered the farmers’ market revolution

Yael Mejia pioneered the farmers’ market revolution

“This is one of the guiding principles of our kitchen and I had no intention of changing course. I knew there was farming here and I just had to find it and connect.

“It took a year of investigations, phoning, cajoling, travelling in the desert, begging, and we ended up working with three farms. They delivered fantastic produce to our kitchens, mainly vegetables.

“The knowledge that the produce is organic, local, of such amazing quality and so cheap, has resonated with people who are concerned about what they put in their mouths and how they feed their children.

“Being able to connect directly with the people who grow the food we eat is something most people think is important. Many global food scandals have contributed to this global concern.

Here’s capture of message from Yael at opening of 6th season of Farmers’ Market. We’re sharing same stance on food with her, key to success in kitchen is good, clean and fresh ingredients, there’s so less you have to add to create wonderful meal if you use the best you can get products and ingredients.

Baker & Spice invited me and other bloggers to Seasons opening breakfast, for me the invite was win-win, I literally could eat anything from their restaurant, all food is whole, real and simple like myself. I am happy to promote my favorite market.

Chef Gabriele Kurz from Jumeirah Group Talise Wellness at Baker&Spice breakfast

Chef Gabriele Kurz from Jumeirah Group Talise Wellness at Baker&Spice breakfast

Tree Entrepreneurs: Farmers' Market pioneer, Organic Oasis farmer and Astraea olive farmer

Tree Entrepreneurs: Farmers’ Market pioneer, Organic Oasis farmer and Astraea olive farmer

Last season I wrote about field trip to Kitby farm, they are selling at The Farmers’ Market On The Terrace their produce. Check photos from the farm here LINK
Kitby Farm from Al Ain

Kitby Farm from Al Ain

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The Farmers’ Market on the Terrace

Farmersmarketme at Instagram

Emirates Towers Jumeirah Group at Instagram

Organic Oasis Farm

Olives and oils from Astraea olive grove


How to find Farmers Market:


Drive Along – the way around to Dubai’s Farmers Market at Emirates Towers Terrace

Thank You for reading!

Naked Plate | Project365 | Ice Cream from Cham

Ice Cream is food, right? I remember as kid at dinner table I would complain how full I am already and I’ve finished eating. But come to proposal of having dessert, I miraculously had a tiny mini bit of space in my belly. There’s always room for ice cream.

As part of my Project365.org daily food posts I am sharing one minute of one of the tours I walked with Frying Pan Adventures in old Dubai.

Would You try this kind of ice cream?

Dubai is Foodie Wonderland, if you ever have chance to visit Dubai or UAE, you must experience almost limitless options of any food of the world. I have taken three food tours with Dubai based Frying Pan adventures and they never fail. Check the link below to discover more about walking food tours in Dubai.

Click link Frying Pan Food Tours

Naked Plate | Food Photography & Styling workshop Dubai

I am lousy writer, therefore I rather cook and take photos than write posts. Most of the time I struggle to produce decent fluent text to my blog. For that reason this post is about photos which I took at Food Styling and Photography workshop with amazing photographer Meeta K. Wolff in Dubai just few days ago. The workshop was organized by blogger from My Custard Pie Sally Prosser. I am going to add links to the blog posts from other participants, for sure you will find good reads there.

If you love snapping photos like me, or are more advanced photographer and like to know about styling food, then this workshop is for you. Definitely you like to eat, right? :-) Don’t miss this workshop next time.

I left out the part of Atlantis The Palm visit, it’s worth of own post. We ate in three restaurants and visited Nobu Garden. Sally and Meeta, they set the bar high for them self for the next workshop, because we had extra bonus surprise at Ronda Locatelli, Giorgio Locatelli join our table and brought Italian white truffles and lovely stories with him. Auw, auw, auw this girl was sold!

It was really fun packed two days hands on food photography and styling course, including loads of food tasting, cooking, styling practises, serious photographing, less serious photo snapping, social media and Lightroom tips. And hey wait, the bonus, its the goodie bags, they were great value, like those film festival goodie bags :-) very generous. One more reason to look forward Meeta’s and Sally’s Food Photo workshop on 2013.

Photo collage 1: Brunch by Gourmet Culinary Director Russell Impiazzi from Galeries Lafayette Gourmet. Scandinavian Brunch was just wonderful, visit them at Dubai Mall, amazing selection of anything foodie can imagine. We made tasting tour there last April on Meeta’s and Sally’s first workshop.

Photo Collage 2: Assignment was to take location, ingredients, cooking and magazine cover photos. Food Artisan Dima Sharif taught us how to make perfect tagine. We had her pumpkin soup and tagine for lunch and after we finished our soup we did the classic food blogger act, stooop, no eating before we take photos. Tagine was our main food model in the photo shoot. All groups had different style and mood for assignment.

Photo Collage 3: Working with Meeta and learning from others, I worked with Tavola’s photographer Antone, not bad hah? The cover picture is Antone’s, our cover style was Jamie Oliver with feminine mood. By the way in food styling, I don’t like flowers on food photos as props, and this time I got lost and chose red rose as one feminine prop…..erm.

Photo Collage 4: Miele Gallery is really dream place to have cooking demos and food tasting, you get to try all their kitchen appliances and for coffee addict like me, open Miele coffee bar was just hit on head of the nail. Thank You Miele and Gynthia for hospitality. Look at those antique Miele “machines” from their museum. Aren’t we just happy that we have advanced ever since?

Photo Collage 5: Spanish dinner by Tapeo (Galeries Lafayette) and Chef Russell, Oh that paella, it’s the best paella I have eaten in Dubai.

Watch clip of Spanish Fiesta at Miele Gallery

Thank you Shy, Moya, Sandy, Catherine, Lionel and Antone
Moya’s Food and Tools
Catherine’s SandCat
Shy’s Cooking With Shy
Sandy’s Ginger and Scotch
Lionel and Antone were the real photographers, We learned a lot from them as well. If they have photo gallery I will add link later, I have seen their work, they are good. Very good.

Thank You for sponsors:
Miele Gallery and Lafayette Gourmet for the place and food. San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna supplied all the water for the two days, and we all left with goodies from them. Artisan made Scottish tablet in some irresistible flavours from Toffee Princess. Luxury chocolates from Lindt, and a card loaded with 50 AED for a Lime & Tonic experience as well as Dima’s generous gifts with Breast Cancer awareness and support gifts. My favorite kitchen shop in Dubai Tavola provided props to our workshop.
Atlantis The Palm, Dubai hosted our first dinner and we got to test couple of restaurants.
Dima’s blog Dima Sharif
Meeta’s blog What’s for Lunch Honey
Sally’s blog My Custard Pie

Count me in for the next workshop, it’s worth of that investment, money and time wise and best of all it’s FUN.

Read other posts about workshop
Meeta’s blog post at What’s For Lunch Honey?
Moya’s take on Food and Tools
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