Cranberry Custard Dessert – Monthly Custard Mingle

I took the challange of November Monthly Mingle hosted by Sally @ My Custard Pie

I was thinking this is piece of cake, well it kind of was, it just made me very productive. I have made Finnish gingerbread cookies and cranberry jam and finally I prepared very first time in my life crème anglaise from the scratch. Phew…that was a heart pumping experience, and yes, it curdled, maybe because I forgot to put on Coldplay’s Yellow….but I revived it with Sally’s instructions. And in case worse would have gone worst, I had my store bought custard powder arm length waiting to rescue me. I did not need it!

All you need is very nice homemade custard aka crème anglaise, cranberry relish or cranberry jam and some creative decoration, anything edible, what you have at home will go. I chose gingerbread cookies, because it’s a must have festive cookie in Finland around Christmas time. Same as cranberries, or lingon berries actually in Finland would be even more easily available at this time of the year and might be slightly more affordable.
Here in Dubai it’s cranberry time.

Custard Recipe from My Custard Pie


Compilation of Cranberry Custard Dessert

Take the best dessert serving bowl you have, layer cranberry relish or jam and custard, finish with sprinkle of cookie crumbs and decorate with sugarcoated cranberries and gingerbread cookies. Voilà, Aux Canneberges avec Crème anglaise!


I have linked you to my previous posts and recipes of Finnish Gingerbread Cookies, Easy Beasy Cranberry Jam and really refreshing, crisp Fresh Cranberry Relish. I really recommend this humble relish to side of your juicy turkey plate.

Happy Holidays!

Fresh Cranberry Relish

A dear child has many names is a Finnish proverb and will apply to Cranberry, one of the superfoods, as well. Did you know its Vaccinium oxycoccos, sounds funny. Or mossberry, fenberry, bearberry, what about Sassamanash. In Finnish its Karpalo, how it sounds.

This relish does not need cooking, but food processor or blender. It’s all natural, easy and healthy.
I catch this recipe years ago from Gulf News for having something with turkey dinner. It really works with many dishes as condiment.

Fresh Cranberry Relish

340 g fresh cranberries
1 orange washed, cut in quarters and deseeded
1 lemon washed, cut in quarters and deseeded
1 lime washed, cut in quarters and deseeded
Sugar to taste

1. Wash cranberries and take bad ones away, pulse with food processor or blender until very coarsely chopped.
2. Put lemon, orange and lime with peels in food processor and pulse until relish consistency.
3. Add sugar and blend few more seconds. Adjust sweetness. Store in fridge.