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Hello, Marhaba, Moi!

You are warmly welcome.

My name is Minna Herranen, I am from Finland, currently based on Dubai. A half of my heart belongs to Egypt, I fell in love to Egypt and Egyptian(s) years ago when I visited there first time. Egyptian cooking inspired me to try new recipes from North Africa, Middle East and Asia. We love fusion kitchen in Finland and somehow I manage to find connection to my dear country from almost any cooking or food.

I am not that perfect housewife and cannot brag with my cooking skills either. I thank my mom who taught me all basics on cooking and baking. She passed me all the traditional Finnish recipes.  I love to read cookbooks, food magazines and watch cooking programs on tv, actually more than I like to cook. I started to write this blog by accident, as assignment for internet marketing study course. You find here mainly very easy recipes, which does not take long time to prepare. I can’t help of speaking about my motherland Finland, it just somehow comes up to my writing when I find new recipe or have my micro food memories to share. I have to share Finnish food recipes, our kitchen is very plain, lean and simple, how else you know what we eat. At least I have not seen any Finnish Cookbooks in big bookstores, except in Finland :-).

I hardly ever plan daily menus in advance, I get inspired at market when I see fresh seasons vegetables or fruits.  Oh and the food photography, I soon noticed that there is no way I can share my food experiences without photos. I am visual person, no matter what is the recipe, but it needs to have a photo attached, or I will not bother myself to read it. Another criteria, what recipe gets to my “to cook”-list,  is that it does not have too much text or preparation phases.  Simplicity is the most important in cooking, don’t you think?

I am wannabe  photographer,  but results are more of snap-shot takers.  All the photos in my blog are taken by me ;-) either with my smartphone or Nikon D5300, good for start up food photos taker. I am my worst critic,  nevertheless I hope by the time I am getting there. You may ask my permission to use my photos :-) …as if, right?.

I like to hear from you,  please leave a comment here below or send an e-mail to minna.k.herranen(at)

Thank you, shoukran, kiitos for visiting my blog, come again.



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8 Responses to “about”

  1. Abir Turner says:

    Hi minna
    I realy love yr recipes and foto’s all so great
    and definitely rich thanks hopfuly nexet time visited dubai we can

  2. Dianne Jacob says:

    Hi Minna, I can’t find an email address for you so I just wanted to say hi. I’m back home and appreciating the beautiful bag of gifts you brought me when I did my Dubai workshop. Thanks again and I hope we keep in touch.

    • minnah says:

      Thank You dear Dianne,
      You are most welcome, Thank You for visiting Dubai. The workshop was really useful, learned a lot and got myself motivated. Now this girls just need to wake up from months hiatus and start working. You must have had lovely holidays at Jordan, hope you enjoyed Middle East. I saw you post about Dubai, do you noticed I said I saw not read :-) means I cursively read and bookmarked for later. October has been roller coaster food blogger month.

  3. Lizmar says:

    Hi Minna,

    there is a FOOD BLOGGER NATION event coming up we’d love to invite you to.
    “Celebrating Dubai’s Food Bloggers”
    Is there an email where you can be contacted?


  4. Hi Came across your Blog from today’s Scene magazine… would love to read more about your Naked Plate and how it gets filled up (most importantly by what it gets filled up with)!

  5. Amanda says:

    Hi Minna!

    I really like your blog, there are plenty of tempting recipies you’re sharing! Could I please have your email adress while I’d like to send you a personal invitation to something exciting! :)

    All the best,

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